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Have a Lawyer Legally Cancel Your Timeshare!

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"Expert In Time Share Cancellation"

Did your Timeshare Salesperson:

  •       State the membership offer to you for more than 90 minutes? 

  •       Invite you for a free gift, meal, event or activity which turned into a high pressure sales pitch? 

  •       Sell you on the timeshare it would increae in value over time? 

  •       Promise that they would buy it back from you if desired? 

  •       Assure you that you could sell and/or rent your timeshare whenever you wish? 

These are ILLEGAL tactics and may be considered fraudulent and coercive. 

Hiring a Lawyer is Better than a Cancellation Company !
Timeshare Cancellation Lawyer Denver, Colorado
Our Law Firm Can Cancel Your Timeshare Contract and End Your Timeshare Obligations Forever!

The Jimenez Law Firm P.C. is a Colorado law firm that specializes in timeshare cancellation for timeshare owners no longer wanting to pay the ever escalating maintenence fees that are associated with timeshare ownership. 

It's true that a timeshare contract is a legally binding agreement, however such a contract can be cancelled. False statements are stated by timeshare developers and sellers that lead people to believe otherwise.  These mistatements are controlled by the timeshare industry.  The real facts are that under general contract law, contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons including fraud, misrepresentation and failure of consideration.  Typicall only lawyers are able to state a believable case to the oppostion that makes them agee to a cancellation.

Lowest Fixed Fees In The State !

So called "Consultats "are marketing their services on the internet claiming they can provide similar legal services for less.  Keep in mind they are not lawyers and we are.  We are able to perform properly under the law for the same or less fees as they charge and you get numerous protections provided by state law, which assure a lawyer must do what they say they will do.  

Experience, Licensed To Be Taken Serious!

A speaker and writer on the subject of real estate the law, Attorney Alan Jimenez has been in business for  26+ years specializing in civil litigation.  Having solved thousands of cases and filed thousands of lawsuits including more trials than most lawyers Mr. Jimenez is well prepared to represent you.

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