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30 Years Helping Injured Construction Workers Get Justice 
Construction Accident Lawyer Denver, Colorado
Construction is a dangerous industry. Contractors must use a high level of safety standards.  If injured on the job you may have a workers compensation claim and you may have a claim against the person or company that hurt you if they do not work for your company.  In many work accidents you can have two seperate claims.  You may have a second claim in addition to a workers compensation case, which will pay more money.
Construction Safety experts may be required to determine liability on your case. Our expert witnesses can investigate and  testify regarding fault and responsibilities in the construction industry.
The Construction Safety Experts who work for us have hands-on construction experience and a working knowledge of applicable safety standards.
Construction Liability Claims include:
  • Falls from Floors, Roof Openings, and Edges
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolds
  • Trench Collapses
  • Construction Equipment
  • Structural Collapses
  • Worksite Security
  • Explosions
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Transportation Accidents
Third Party Construction Accident claims include:
Generally, if a construction accident is caused by someone other than your employer while on-the-job, then you may able to bring a separate personal injury case.  This would be in addition to a workers compensation case.  This separate claim might be made against:
  • a non co-worker;
  • an owner of property owner who was negligent
  • a separate contractor who was negligence
  • a driver not employed by your company
  • many other situations
You may be entitled to money damages for your injuries.
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